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Adding Fun and Happiness in Learning

Adding Fun and Happiness in Learning

We believe in providing quality Child Care and the role it plays in the future of our children. First Step Family Group Daycare Center promotes personalized care and learning for children from six weeks to 12 years old.

As your chosen Daycare Center in Bronx, New York, our curriculum is center around holistic development for your child. Our developmentally appropriate programs are designed to build on their social, cognitive, emotional, and physical skills.

Learning does not stop at school with our Afterschool Program as we continue to provide learning engagement for your kids. These fun activities are important to support their holistic development.

Fun and happiness are essential elements of learning. When activities provide the level of enthusiasm that kids are looking for, they become more involved. They are willing to participate in activities that interest them. Boring situations can make them lose interest halfway through the activity.

When kids are happy learning, they develop the love of it. They get to discover something new through engaging activities. This is very important as learning requires kids to get out of their comfort zone. As they grow older, learning new skills will become more significant.

Visit our Nursery School in New York to see how other children learn! Our dedicated staff would be glad to help you with your concerns.

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