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Best Heart-Healthy Habits for Your Kids

Best Heart-Healthy Habits for Your Kids

Studies show that heart disease is one of the most common health issues faced by people in the US. There are several factors that can lead to how heart disease becomes more common as we age. To reduce the risks, developing healthy lifestyle practices early on can save children from acquiring any cardiovascular disease later in life.

To help you keep your child’s heart healthy, we at First Step Family Group Daycare Center recommend you to encourage you child in applying these evidence-based healthy habits:

  • Exercise daily or weekly
    Exercising should be our way of life. May it be simple playing outdoors or making it a fun bonding moment with your kids, starting to teach them early about the importance of exercise can help them value its positive effects. Plus, it gives you and your kids more good than bad. Also, exercise is part of our child care programs. 
  • Involve them in shopping wisely
    We all know that our diet represents an essential role in our heart health. If we involve our kids in choosing the right kinds of food to buy when shopping, they can decrease their risk of developing heart disease by making healthy choices when buying. 
  • Teach them to reach out for support
    Our unhealthy lifestyle is not the only problem when developing risks for heart disease. Emotional and mental aspects, like loneliness and stress, also add to these risks. Teach your kids to reach out for support and provide them just that. You can find the same for your kids in our daycare center in Bronx, New York.

Our heart is considered by experts as the most vital organ in the body. Therefore, teaching your kids to apply healthy lifestyle practices earlier can help protect their heart from any underlying health conditions that may arise later in life. And, if you ever need a support, our nursery school in New York is always here for you.
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