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Children Learn Through Stories

Children Learn Through Stories

Have you wondered why your child remembers the character from their favorite movie? Have you wondered why a child remembers a lesson even in Afterschool?

A child’s mind is full of wonder and potential. First Step Family Group Daycare Center believes that bright minds were first cultivated through a daycare center in Bronx, New York.

As your chosen Nursery School in New York, we have seen different types of children. We have noted how each one is unique based on their personalities, learning styles, and behavior.

Our Afterschool Program considers the diversity of such students. Our teachers adjust the delivery and activities to suit their needs.

In general, we have seen how one activity seems to come across effectively to many students. This activity is storytelling.

No matter how old we are, there is a preference for stories. These collections of narratives bind us and connect us into some form of familiarity.

More especially for visual learners, a story told in images or motion picture is full engagement. The bright colors and movements add excitement to the setting. These support tools help the reader remember what has happened.

As the stories progress, the child expands their vocabulary, picking up new words, or finding new meanings. The story itself is a lesson to the child, too. They begin to see a different perspective based on the story in front of them.

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