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Decluttering Trick: Change the Way You Ask Your Kids

Decluttering Trick: Change the Way You Ask Your Kids

Anyone can feel overwhelmed when confronted with a huge pile of projects without any clear and concise starting point. How much more for your kids when asked to clean up toys from a big pile? Without a clear instruction, kids may find it too exhausting and demanding of a job to sort and put back toys to where they are supposed to be kept. This is why First Step Family Group Daycare Center, your daycare center in Bronx, New York, gives you this decluttering trick to make your life easier and happier when dealing with your child’s room.

Instead of repeating and repeating the words “clean your room” in a forceful voice until the sentence or the command lose its meaning, parents should focus on concrete and particular feasible actions. Rather than saying this ultimate instruction, examine the mess and the room condition and then provide the specific directions that are concerned with one kind of item at a time.

Examples include:

  • “Put all the crayons in the container.”
  • “Find all the stockings and put them in the basket.” 
  • “Collect all Legos in a box.”
  • “Return the stuffed toys in bed.”
  • “Fold the blankets.”

In our training here at our nursery school in New York, we always start instructing kids with a chore that will make the most significant visual result. With this, your children will encounter a cleaning momentum as they follow your commands. If they are putting up a lot of opposition, ask them to step out of the place and let your kid stand next to you so that both of you are staring into the room. Making them feel like you’re both on the same team sharing the task.

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