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How Do Children Benefit From an Afterschool Program?

How Do Children Benefit From an Afterschool Program?

A well-structured afterschool program provides plenty of benefits that go beyond turning what could have been aimless hours into something more productive. Of course, these benefits we’re talking about goes beyond improved academic skills. It can also provide a haven for them to practice the essential skills necessary for their growth and development.

In particular, a good afterschool program provides the following benefits.

  • A good program from a nursery school in New York can instill the idea that learning can be fun and meaningful.
  • It helps children practice their social skills and provides them with a sense of belongingness with kids from different backgrounds.
  • It provides them with opportunities to try new things with confidence and take more positive risks.

Aside from these, our daycare center in Bronx, New York, can also keep your kids safe and is less likely to engage in risky behaviors while you’re at work. We know how worrying it is to leave our children at home without supervision. That’s why we strive to provide a place where kids aged six weeks to 12 years can grow up without worries.

If you want to know more about our programs, call First Step Family Group Daycare Center – your trusted partner in child care.

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