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Teaching Children the Importance of Being Thankful

Teaching Children the Importance of Being Thankful

Many parents try to instill good manners in their children from a young age, making sure they say “please,” “thank you,” and I’m sorry.” This is a wonderful start; however, with Thanksgiving around the corner, our nursery school in New York suggests that you take the opportunity to develop a more profound sense of thankfulness in your children—not only for the gadgets and toys they enjoy but, more importantly, life’s bigger blessings.

Like any habit or skill, developing gratefulness does not happen in an instance. It takes time and practice. As a child care provider, we have listed some ways that can help you instill the value of thankfulness in your children:

  • Voice out your gratitude.
    When you explain to your little ones why you’re thankful for something, they will better grasp the concept of gratitude. You can express how glad you are to be their parent or how proud you are when they share their toys with others.
  • Set aside time for thanks.
    Try to set aside time every day for the whole family to discuss their day and to enumerate the things they’re grateful for. For instance, they may express how much they love attending their afterschool program.
  • Encourage involvement in the community.
    Try to get your entire family involved with helping those in need. When children use their time and effort to make a difference, they will feel more connected to other people. Helping the less fortunate and knowing they’ve positively impacted their lives are great ways to learn the beauty of giving.

First Step Family Group Daycare Center is a daycare center in Bronx, New York that can help you raise grateful, compassionate children. Please contact us for more information.

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